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Why You Need A Facial Oil

Facial Oils are making a huge comeback! For years, people have believed oils cause acne but the truth is, oils are good for all skin types!

Oils have come a long way! Dating back to Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, they were used back then to keep skin soft and supple. Facial Oils complement the skin’s natural oil production while providing hydration and nutrients.

The benefits of Facial Oils go on and on! They create a protective barrier that locks moisture in! In turn it visibly plumps the skin, targets fine lines and wrinkles and relieves dryness.

Facials Oils are made to target dehydration and dryness. They can also address skin concerns like acne and dull skin. Eminence’s Facial Recovery Oil does just that! We call it gold in a bottle! The combination of ylang ylang, sage leaf and olive oil calm the skin while brightening and moisturizing!

You can incorporate a facial oil in any skin care routine by using a few drops before or after your moisturizer application.

You can purchase Eminence Facial Recovery Oil on our website or in store at Calm Spa and Salon in Pleasant Grove.

🤫 Want to know a SECRET?


One of our very own Calm Spa and Salon stylists, Alyssa, has been so diligent in her home care the last few months. She has been experiencing redness in her cheek area. After our Master Estheticians consulted with her, they prescribed Jan Marini RosaLieve. She has been very diligent for two months, using it consistently. Look at these results! This is the only product she has been using. 

Do you experience redness? Schedule a skin consultation with one of our Master Estheticians at Calm here in Pleasant Grove to see if RosaLieve would be good for you! 


CHARCOAL has SO many benefits for the skin and has been around for ages! More recently, charcoal has made it’s way back around and has been the talk lately! From charcoal toothpaste to charcoal masques, it seems to be the BIG craze! As Master Estheticians at Calm Spa and Salon in Pleasant Grove, Utah, we have a few favorite charcoal products we use from Eminence Organic Skin Care. 

 Let’s talk about a few benefits charcoal has on the skin and why everyone is going crazy about it! When Charcoal and Kaolin clay are mixed together it detoxifies the skin, drawing out oil, dirt and bacteria that cause excess sebum making it incredible for congested, oily and combination skin types. When using charcoal based products, your pores will appear refined and minimized. The look of sebum on the skin is reduced. Skin surface appears clarified and less irritated. The skin will be hydrated and nourished. Skin looks soft and noticeably smoother. 

One of our very favorite masques from Eminence Organics is the CHARCOAL T-ZONE PURIFIER MASQUE. We love it for it’s deep cleaning and pore refining benefits for combination and oily skin types. This is a great one for problem skin types. 
A few ingredients in this masque and ingredients we encourage all oily t zone skin types to use are: 
Buchu Leaf Extract: mattifies the skin.    Kaolin Clay: draws out impurities without stripping the skin. Charcoal: draws out oil, dirt and bacteria.Willow Bark: anti-inflammatory. Tea Tree Oil: soothing anti-inflammatory. Salicylic Acid: evens complexion and smooths. Eucalyptus Oil: anti-fungal and antibacterial.

If you are wanting to reduce the appearance of large pores, oily t zone and breakouts we suggest scheduling a Targeted Facial at Calm Spa and Salon in Pleasant Grove, Utah and letting one of our Master Estheticians help you achieve your skin care goals and help with your at home skin care routine.


Let’s talk about exfoliation of the skin. Did you know there are two types of exfoliants? Physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. As we age our cell turn over rate slows down drastically making our skin not feel and look smooth. In turn, we should be exfoliating 2 to 3 times a week to help slough off dead skin. Physical exfoliants are very popular for at home use. Chemical exfoliants are usually done by a professional in a spa setting. Here at Calm Spa and Salon, we offer several professional chemical and physical exfoliation treatments. For at home use, we recommend Eminence Organics Pear and Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher. It’s an aggressive physical exfoliant. The ground up walnut and poppy seeds polish the skin giving a smooth texture and the apricot oil leaves a glow you cant resist.  This is a great one for all you with oily skin! It is our Product of the Month giving you 20% off all January 2019. ($10 savings.)


There are many factors that cause our skin to become dry. One example is age. As we age, our cell turnover rate slows down and we don’t produce as much oil. We are not able to slough off our dead skin cells like we were able to do when we were younger resulting to dry rough skin. Another example is environment. Here in Utah we live in a dry environment causing our skin to become very dry. Because of these things, we have to exfoliate more often especially during the winter season in Utah.

One form of exfoliation is dry brushing. Not only does dry brushing exfoliate our skin, it has many other benefits.
•helps eliminate cellulite by detoxifying the body
•helps stimulate the nervous system by improving muscle tone

  • helps blood flow increase causing toxins to release from the body
  • helps improve the lymphatic system making our immune system stronger

This is a very simple task that only takes 30 seconds. It can be done every day before showering. While your body is dry, brush your entire body. When brushing, always brush towards the heart. Once a week you can clean your dry brush with hot soapy water. Calm Spa and Salon has several different dry brushes to choose from ranging from $10 to $12.

You can get yours by coming into Calm Spa and Salon located at 573 West State Street suite B,  Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062.