We are thrilled that we placed in the top 3 for 5 categories in the best of Utah Valley! We received awards for best eyelash extensions, best brows, best wax, best day spa and best hair salon.  Thank you to all who voted for us! We love all of our clients and will always strive to give you the best services.

Calm Spa and Salon

573 West State Street #B

Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062



On a daily basis, I have clients come in for a Brazilian wax and some of the first words that come out of their mouths are, “I read online.” or “my friend tried waxing herself and the wax got stuck and wouldn’t come off.” When it comes to brazilian waxing that last thing you want to do is go off someone who had a bad experience. Waxing does NOT have to be scary. It is a very quick service. On average I do 15-20 Brazilians daily taking no longer then 10 minutes each one. It is very rare that something goes wrong. If it does, it’s usually because I was not informed of a medication the client is taking.

A few helpful tips when preparing for a wax:

  1. Always inform the technician what medications you are taking and if you are allergic to anything. (they should ask)
  2. Take ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to help with pain.
  3. Exfoliate the skin 24 hours prior to the wax to prep the skin for waxing.
  4. Make sure your hair is at least 1/4 inch long or 2 weeks of hair growth.

If you do all of these things, your wax will go a lot smoother. It is very important to find a waxing technician that is experienced and knows what they are doing. Ask around, read reviews, and ask how long the technician takes. Time is a big factor. If it takes over 25 minutes, the technician probably is not as experienced as others. To get a brazilian wax under the age of 18, it’s a requirement to have a parent come in and sign a waiver.

After the wax, you can expect a little redness, and tenderness. Don’t worry! This goes away quickly. Waxing is great for so many reasons. You don’t have to worry about the red painful bumps from shaving, your hair thins out over time, you don’t get itchy like you do with shaving, and it’s a quick service that you only have to do every 4 to 6 weeks.

Jessica Powell owns Calm Spa and Salon in Pleasant Grove. Located in Utah County.  She specializes in the Brazilian wax and is known for the 10 minute Brazilian. You can schedule your next appointment with her or our other brazilian wax professionals at


We all have those days where we are running behind and don’t have a lot of time to spend on our hair. Or we are trying to get one more day out of our hair before having to wash it again. On days like this…BRAID. Braids are beautiful and fast. They can be elaborate, if you want to go that route, or they can be simple and still look incredible! There are so many different braids you can try and with braids being so popular there are tons of tutorials online to help you learn how to do them or give you ideas for a new braided look. You can practice on your family, friends or yourself. Some easy but pretty ones are:

French Braid


Bamboo or Figure 8


Braids are one of the most popular hair trends; being seen in fashion shows all over the world!

Braids are not only awesome for everyday looks, but they are eloquent enough to incorporate into a wedding or formal hairstyle.

A few tips that will help you with any kind of braid are:

  1. Use Product! (Dry shampoo, texture spray, etc.) – Add grip to fine/soft hair.
  2. Use Serum! – Smooth out thick/coarse hair for a less messy look.
  3. Stretch it out! – Carefully pull the sides of the braid to help make it look thicker and emphasize the shape.

Most importantly, have fun with it! Experiment all you can, they don’t need to be perfect. LET THE BRAIDING BEGIN!

Jessica Powell owns Calm Spa and Salon in Pleasant Grove. She has been in the beauty industry for 9 years. She has been a spa and salon owner for 3 years. You can schedule your next appointment with her amazing staff at


Calm Spa Boutique has moved to a new location and is now Calm Spa and Salon! On November 7th we opened our new location at 573 West State Street suite B, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062.

Along with our regular services: body waxing, facials, treatments, eyelash extensions, nails etc… We are so excited to have added many new services at our new location. Some of our favorites added are hair services and pedicures. Come into Calm and check out our amazing atmosphere that will relax you while being beautified! 


There are many factors that cause our skin to become dry. One example is age. As we age, our cell turnover rate slows down and we don’t produce as much oil. We are not able to slough off our dead skin cells like we were able to do when we were younger resulting to dry rough skin. Another example is environment. Here in Utah we live in a dry environment causing our skin to become very dry. Because of these things, we have to exfoliate more often especially during the winter season in Utah.

One form of exfoliation is dry brushing. Not only does dry brushing exfoliate our skin, it has many other benefits.
•helps eliminate cellulite by detoxifying the body
•helps stimulate the nervous system by improving muscle tone

  • helps blood flow increase causing toxins to release from the body
  • helps improve the lymphatic system making our immune system stronger

This is a very simple task that only takes 30 seconds. It can be done every day before showering. While your body is dry, brush your entire body. When brushing, always brush towards the heart. Once a week you can clean your dry brush with hot soapy water. Calm Spa and Salon has several different dry brushes to choose from ranging from $10 to $12.

You can get yours by coming into Calm Spa and Salon located at 573 West State Street suite B,  Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062.

New Website, More Coming

We are ecstatic to have our website up and going and to be able to have this blog to share what’s going on here at Calm Spa Boutique in Pleasant Grove. We have some really exciting things happening so stay tuned!

Not only will we keep you up to date on the latest here at Calm Spa, we are going to be sharing lots of skin care tips, tricks and some of our favorite skin care products.

We wanted to give a BIG shout out to all of our amazing loyal clients here in Utah and some that come from out of state! Calm Spa wouldn’t be Calm without all of you! And a thank you to the entire Calm team for making it all happen!